Sculpting Eros

Exhibition Information:

Venia Dimitrakopoulou, “Sculpting Eros”

Curated by Eleni Varopoulou

Duration: 24.05 – 28.09.2024

Opening: Thursday 23 May 2024, 20:00

Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 12-8 pm and Saturday 10-2 pm | Instagram: @kourdgallery


Genius Loci

participation at the group exhibition at Maison Bernard in Théoule-sur-Mer, France

8-23 June 2024

Curated by Marion Vignal and organized in partnership with the Maison Bernard Endowment Fund, the exhibition will highlight the visionary brilliance, imaginative power and creative freedom of this extraordinary structure, conceived in symbiosis with nature and the human body. The event will feature works by more than twenty artists and designers, both historic and contemporary, as well as several site-specific special commissions. These creations will dialogue with Lovag’s sculptural architecture, from its multiple spherical spaces to the seaside cactus and succulent garden.

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Gentility, 2023

Presentation of the public sculptural installation “Gentility” by Venia Dimitrakopoulou, at the “Butterfly” office building of Noval Property

Athens, 12 September 2023

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Experimentum Crucis, curated by Rosa Anna Musumeci

participation at the exhibition Experimentum Crucis, στο ίδρυμα Arte Contemporanea Val di Noto

Italy, June 2023

Installation at the Athens International Airport

Venia Dimitrakopoulou, Anadysis, 2023, etalbond aluminium panels

May 2023

Installation at private office building in Athens

Venia Dimitrakopoulou, Gentility, 2023, White Volax marble, grey Aliveri marble, stainless steel, water

May 2023

Venia Dimitrakopoulou: Presentation of her work at Pierce College

during the Career Day on 21 March 2023

The statue of the goddess Athena at the Antonino Salinas Archaeological Museum in Palermo

in proximity to the “Golden Spear”

The statue of goddess Athena (420-400 BC), from the Acropolis Museum collections, is on display since 9 February 2022 in the emblematic archaic sculptures gallery of the Archaeological Museum Antonino Salinas in Palermo, as a long-term loan for four years. In this formidable statue Athena is depicted bending her body as she leans on her –lost today- spear that she would have held in her left hand.

In the same room stands the “Golden Spear” by Venia Dimitrakopoulou, which is part of the museum’s permanent collection since 2019, since it remained there after the end of the exhibition “Primordial Future” organised in the museum by the Foundation for Hellenic Culture of Italy.


Arts and culture broadcast “Logo Technis”, Hellenic Parliament TV

Saturday 19/02, 20:00

A retrospective of Venia Dimitrakopoulou’s work at the cultural broadcast “Logo Technis” of the Hellenic Parliament TV: A conversation with the artist on the contrasts that define her practice: the material and the immaterial, the private and the public, the conscious and the unconscious.


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Venia Dimitrakopoulou, Presentation of her work “Sudden War”

National Kapodistrian University Athens

As part of the course “Dialectics of the Image”, Venia Dimitrakopoulou will present her new series of works titled “Sudden War”  in an interactive lecture


Roma Arte in Nuvola

participation of Artespressione Gallery at ROMA ARTE IN NUVOLA

18 – 21 November 2021

ROMA EUR LA NUVOLA – Viale Asia, 6 – Rome



Module V Exhibition, New York

“Quieter than Silence_ The Space Between”

curated by Venetia Kapernekas

Nov 14-Dec 16, 2021 (private residence location: New York CIty, lower Manhattan)
(exact address will be given by rsvp/book by apt via email thru the Initiatives invitation)

”We find beauty not in the thing itself but in the patterns of shadows, the light and the darkness, that one thing against another creates… Were it not for shadows, there would be no beauty.

At the heart of this philosophy is a fundamental cultural polarity. Unlike the Western conception of beauty — a stylized fantasy constructed by airbrushing reality into a narrow and illusory ideal of perfection — the zenith of Japanese aesthetics is deeply rooted in the glorious imperfection of the present moment and its relationship to the realities of the past.”

The quality that we call beauty … must always grow from the realities of life, and our ancestors, forced to live in dark rooms, presently came to discover beauty in shadows, ultimately to guide shadows toward beauty’s ends.

Since Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, we’ve seen shadows as a metaphor for the illusory and wicked aspects of life, for that which we must eradicate in order to illuminate the truth and inherent goodness of existence. And yet we forget that the darkness they cast evidences the light — palpable proof without which we might not appreciate or even notice the radiance itself.

Participating Artists:
Ashley Keeper (Studio: Brooklyn, New York – Tulum, Mexico)
Renate Aller (Studio: New York)
Steven Antonakos (Estate, Studio: New York)
Hope Atherton (Studio: Harlem, New York)
Agnes Barley (Studio: New York)
Venia Dimitrakopoulou (Studio: Athens & Aegina Island, Greece)
Shirine Gill (Studio: New York)
Everett Kennedy Brown (Sudio: Kyoto, Japan)
Michelle Yi Martin (Studio: San Francisco, California)
Edward Ruscha (Private, Collection, New York)
A.V Ryan (Studio: Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York)
Constanza Camila Kramer Grafias (Studio: Munich, Germany)
Alexandros Tzannis (Studio: Athens, Greece)
Panos Tsagaris (Studio: Brooklyn, New York)
Peter Wayne Lewis (OASIS Studio, Massachusetts University of Art & Design, Professor EMERITUS)
Karin Weisman (Studio: Long Island & Bridgehampton, New York)




The artist Venia Dimitrakopoulou presents her work in the context of the five online lectures on “The Sacred in Art”organized by the Marie Blanche Library and the AINOS Cultural Association. Title of the presentation “Sculpting the intangible”.

Venia Dimitrakopoulou shares her personal experience and presents her own visual language by asking questions andsketching answers in a predominantly iconographic way. Are there any traces of the sacred in artistic creation today?

In an age of transition, like today, what can be the role of art and the artist? Presence-Absence. What is more powerful, the thing we see with our eyes or the thing that is captured and recorded within us? Finally, emotion or admiration? Two different ways to capture the work of art.

Participating artists: Markos Kampanis (16/09), Aimilia Papafilippou (23/09), Venia Dimitrakopoulou (30/09), Vana Xenou (7/10) and Christos Bokoros (14/10).

With the support of the Public Benefit Foundation for Social and Cultural Work (ΚΙΚPΕ) and the cooperation of the CulturalOrganization of the Municipality of Rafina (DOPAP).


Access the live lecture via zoom:

Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 870 6760 0582

Passcode: 945068

Organisation: Νίκη Τσιρώνη

Mob. 6932421060

Ainos Cultural Society

Mob. (0030) 6932421060



Sound installation


duration 4:03 ”and 1:34”


Idea-texts-voice: Venia Dimitrakopoulou
Music: Panagiotis Kalantzopoulos


During the first lockdown I wanted to do something with everything that emerged unexpectedly, often violently and in unprecedented intensity. The need to resist this compulsory lockdown, along with the need of communication gave me the impulse. I worked with what I had in my hands. A piece of paper, a pencil, a mobile phone to record the things I wrote. I asked my friend and composer Panagiotis Kalantzopoulos to try something. I sent him a recorded text of mine and asked him to dress it with music. When I heard the result, I was surprised.

It seemed like at that time, despite the distance, two different worlds came together and shook hands. It was a warm handshake, at a time when touch was absent. Other texts followed, which led to the creation of Sudden War. An audio project consisting of 12 + 1 autonomous tracks that can be heard either all together or, like here in Back to Athens 8, in excerpts.

It is a work that talks about an unexpected meeting, about a stranger, about a strong connection and a war that suddenly turned everything upside down.

Everything is inside us. Light and darkness. Strength and weakness. Courage and fear. Hope and despair.

How long do they keep us captured?



War and Peace Suddenly

Coming to the end of the age of handshake and touch, we invent ways of the same intensity and substance, in order to feel, to understand, to touch each other. One way that comes naturally to me is to try for the first time to accompany poetry and speech with music. In poetry the sequence of the words creates a vibration. When music is added, this vibration is intensified and multiplied.

It changes the nude poem into a new work.

They shake hands.


The scheduled presentation of the catalogue by Allemandi editions for the exhibition trilogy “Futuro Primordiale” and the pertinent exhibition in Milan have been postponed.

The presentation has for now been rescheduled for May 21st.

Primordial Future
An exhibition trilogy
Matter – Logos – Sound

Art Gallery of the Cyclades July 20th – September 1st 2019

Exhibition organizer: Municipality of Syros – Ermoupolis
Exhibition curator: Giorgos Altouvas
Exhibition design: Maria Maneta – Venia Dimitrakopoulou

Sponsor: Antonios E. Komninos Foundation