ALUMINIUM COMPOSITE PANELS AND STAINLESS STEEL Mykonos Riviera Hotel The piece Elxis (Attraction) was created for the hotel Mykonos Riviera, which is located on the new port on the island. I was inspired by the element of water and sailboats surrounding the hotel. As well as by the colors and shades of blue and gold – created by the sea, the sky and the sun. I reconstructed the hotel logo by designing a series of triangles reminiscent of sails that run along an extensive corridor, reaching a perpendicular wall high up from where the colors of the sea and dusk are reflected.

1. The Wall,  3,00 Χ 1.90 m. 2021.
2. The Corridor, 15,5 Χ 5,5 Χ 3,30 m. 2021.
3. The Tree, height 3,12 m. 2021.