2023, Marble, stainless steel, water

A sculptural composition that refers to a Greek version of a Japanese garden, creating a sense of intimacy and relax- ation. The white marble under the Attic sun and sky, the el- ement of water and the shape of the sculptures that refer to the Greek shores contribute to this. The metal surface becomes a lively element of the work, where the light and the clouds are mirrored, changing its image constantly. These sculptures are completely lacking in angles and edges. That is why their title is Gentility.



2023, Marble, stainless steel

A large steel triangle intersects and cuts a curved marble sculpture in half. A force, countervailing to gentility and kindness, breaks it and splits it in two. From being solid and unified, the matter loses its unity. Two forces ceaselessly and constantly changing that constitute the endless cosmic cycle of life.