A transit and high-traffic area such as an airport. A transparent dome high above. A metal grid. Three elements that triggered the creation of the project Anadysis II. The grid gave birth to the words, the dome to the curved shapes - wings, the type of space deter- mined the title. A visual proposition that invites the passenger and traveller to raise their eyes upwards for a moment... for a momentary mental uplift, a "flight" of the mind, an emergence (anadysis) into the Greek light. Venia Dimitrakopoulou

Venia Dimitrakopoulou, Anadysis, 2023, etalbond aluminium panels

Architectural Design: Maria Maneta

Structural Design: Anastasios Dervenagas

Construction: ELVAL COLOUR AE

The project was implemented thanks to the support of ATHENS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT and the kind sponsorship of ELVAL COLOUR AE.